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 Possible drop partys for posts?

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PostSubject: Possible drop partys for posts?   Tue Apr 08, 2008 6:04 pm

Okay this idea just hit me.

What if me and the moderators of the team hosted a drop party ever xxx posts?
The milestones will look somewhat like this:
1st small party-100 posts (maybe around 100-500k in drops?)
2nd. mid party-500 posts (500-1m)
3rd. Large party-EVERY 1,500 POSTS. (ex, the first would be at 2,000 posts and drops would be 5M+!!!!)

Open for suggestions but thx =)
I will also add a paypal button for anyone interested in donating for an actual site (maybe can anyone check domains?)
and for (maybe) soon-to-come server. Thankx!
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Possible drop partys for posts?
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